What is the Cadena Spanish Cafe?


In our cafe you will enjoy the beverage of your choice and an opportunity to learn Spanish and understand more about Spanish and South American culture.

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It's pretty difficult to learn Spanish while sitting in a classroom or online, repeating phrases you would never say in normal conversation.
We fixed this by creating a comfortable space where you can learn to speak Spanish while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or tea or maybe a cold beer or glass of wine with some of our amazing montaditos/sandwiches.
Language is best learned in a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk about what interests you. With our classes, you will see that Spanish is manageable to learn, easy to practice, and fun to share.
Not in a class.
Not with a 200-page study book.
Just interesting and fun.

Why do you need Spanish?

-Did you know that there are over 45 million Spanish speaking people in North America?
-Spanish is becoming one of the most desired languages in the world, just imagine​​​:
  • Your next convention is in Spain and you order the tapas for everyone with ease.
  • You are enjoying your holidays in Ecuador and you ask for the special roasted pork in Spanish.
-Spain and South America have an amazing culture of music, history and food. If you want to fully enjoy the culture, Spanish is a necessity.
-And of course, the book about our crazy hero Don Quixote was written in Spanish.

Skecht by Picasso 1955

  • The waitress is amazed by your Spanish.
  • In fact, a couple of shots are on the house woohoo!
    We talk a lot about food, you probably realize that we love food!

Why our classes are different than other Spanish Courses?

  • It's actually in a place you would choose to go to, not in a classroom

  • We make it fun to learn. We want to talk about what interests you. It's all about the conversation.

  • Here we drink wine, prepare Spanish tapas, dance salsa and love to share everything about Spanish culture.

  • We believe that in order to learn a language it's not just about grammar and writing, you need to immerse yourself in the culture to master it.

What we've got:


  • Amazing teachers ✓

  • Food from South America and Spain ✓

  • Dance ✓

  • Native speakers from South America and Spain ✓


What others are saying

 In three months I was able to have basic conversations with my Spanish friends. I loved that we started to speak since day 1.


These classes are amazing.

I had learned Spanish while eating and dancing with other Spanish people!


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